Farmer wants a wife

It's down to the wire -- who will win Matt's heart? The girls are put to the final test to see if they have what it takes to be the farmer's wife. After Matt takes the final two girls on separate dates, he calls a town meeting -- it's time to pick a wife.

Farmer wants a wife

Farmer Wants a wife fanclub Website launched Our new website has been launched today. Tell your friends about life on the farm and how it benefits them. Were hoping to build a our own little community down on the web farm. Check out our farmers market

The Farmer Wants a Wife" is being put together by the producers of American Idol.  Are you a farmer looking for a wife?  If you are, this show wants to talk to you. 

This brand new TV show has its producers traveling all around the United States in the coming weeks to find young, attractive male farmers who fit the bill.  They are are looking for farmers in their mid 20’s and 30’s who are single and looking to meet the right girl.  They are looking for farmers who are hard-working, fun-loving, family-oriented, and who love the traditional, small-town way of life.

"The Farmer Wants a Wife", based on the hit overseas TV show, matches a spirited farmer, who doesn't have much time to meet women, with a handful of available ladies from all walks of life who dream of living a traditional, small town lifestyle.

Fremantle Media North America, the producers Of American Idol, ask you to contact their casting department at 877-255-8009 or

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Episode 1 StephanieEpisode 2 Josie


Famer Matt - Famer wants a wife
Starring farmer Matt Neustadt

CW does "The Bachelor" country style as ten city girls look to win farmer Matt's affection.

GENRE(S): Reality (Competitive) 
CREATED BY: Adam Cohen
Cara Tapper
Joanna Vernetti 
FIRST AIR DATE: April 30, 2008

Third-generation farmer Matt, who tends to crops of soybean, corn and wheat for a living, looks for the girl of his dreams in these 10 women. But are city girls really just country girls with cuter outfits, or will the series of farm-based challenges send the ladies packing? farmer wants a wife

There are some obvious matches and some even more obvious misses. While Brooke, 23, shares farmer Matt’s love of hunting, the farm life might not be enough for 22-year-old Christa from New York, who says she’s “constantly searching for something new and fun to do.” farmer wants a wife

It’s fairly safe to assume that these women, who are used to attending parties, club-hopping and fine dining, won’t be too thrilled when they realize a night out with farmer Matt includes a bingo dabber. farmer wants a wife

Farmer wants a Wife: After refusing to chase chickens and wash pigs -- and daring to ask supposedly virginal farmer Matt if he wants to "test drive his product before he buys it" -- badass Josie couldn't have dug herself into a deeper hole. But her refusal to leave the farm without a proper parting gift after he told her to ride off was sorta justified. The guy IS kinda cheap.

What the farmer wants a wife critics said

42Entertainment Weekly Gillian Flynn- farmer wants a wife
It's trying to be juicy, stupid fun, but it isn't smart enough.

40Hollywood Reporter Barry Garron- farmer wants a wife
This farmer may want a wife but, in the end, the only guarantee is that he gets a reality show.

40New York Daily News David Hinckley- farmer wants a wife
Farmer Wants a Wife feels about as "real" as "The Dukes of Hazzard," suggesting it should be viewed in much the same spirit.

40Slate Troy Patterson - farmer wants a wife
Farmer Wants a Wife moseyed onto the air last week bearing the
best title of any pop-culture commodity of the year to date and, given its standard-issue inanity, a surprising subtextual richness.

30Boston Globe Matthew Gilbert - farmer wants a wife
It's entirely paint-by-numbers, a formulaic dating contest colored in with all the too-familiar characters, from the butch farmer Matt to each of the ladies, city gals looking for a real man who doesn't
bother with all that metrosexual nonsense. This is reality by rote.

30Variety Brian Lowry - farmer wants a wife
Heavily produced, the series has some ratings potential by CW's chicken-feed standards but doesn't feel distinctive or titillating enough to keep 'em down on the farm.

30Washington Post Jennifer Frey - farmer wants a wife
Finally, a reality show that doesn't even try to pretend it's not a big, cliched setup.

30Los Angeles Times Robert Lloyd - farmer wants a wife
The American Farmer is more... American: another intermittently
nasty competition dating show, with stunt challenges and a ritualized elimination at the end of every episode.

30Newark Star-Ledger Alan Sepinwall - farmer wants a wife
Despite its silly trappings, Farmer Wants a Wife is neither appalling
nor unintentionally funny enough to merit sitting through yet another contrived dating show where the biggest prize would be for someone, anyone, to escape with a bit of their dignity intact.

30Philadelphia Daily News Ellen Gray -farmer wants a wife
It's strictly entertainment. Assuming that's what you call it when one guy's ordering 10 aspiring brides through a series of ridiculously staged agricultural challenges to find the one who'll win the right to have her name mentioned in People magazine when they break up.

30Philadelphia Inquirer Jonathan Storm - farmer wants a wife
Viewers should figure out pretty quickly that manure is the main ingredient here, and though it might help the corn crop grow high, it's unlikely to do much to boost ratings at the struggling CW network.

25New York Post Linda Stasi - farmer wants a wife
Farmer Matt produces two products in surplus amounts: cheese
and corn. And I'm not talking by-products of animal husbandry.

25Chicago Sun-Times Misha Davenport - farmer wants a wife
It's a few chickens short of a flock.

10Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Rob Owen - farmer wants a wife
American television networks have aired many ridiculous reality shows, but The CW's Farmer Wants a Wife is a master class in televised inanity.

farmer wants a wife


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