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Friday, May 9, 2008

farmer wants a wife


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You could be on the next big reality TV show."The Farmer Wants a Wife" is being put together by the producers of American Idol. Are you a farmer looking for a wife? If you are, this show wants to talk to you.
This brand new TV show has its producers traveling all around the United States in the coming weeks to find young, attractive male farmers who fit the bill. They are are looking for farmers in their mid 20’s and 30’s who are single and looking to meet the right girl. They are looking for farmers who are hard-working, fun-loving, family-oriented, and who love the traditional, small-town way of life.
"The Farmer Wants a Wife", based on the hit overseas TV show, matches a spirited farmer, who doesn't have much time to meet women, with a handful of available ladies from all walks of life who dream of living a traditional, small town lifestyle.
Fremantle Media North America, the producers Of American Idol, ask you to contact their casting department at 877-255-8009 or

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Amanda - Student (3)
Ashley - Catering Manager (1)
Brooke - Marketing Rep (1)
Christa - Personal Assistant (0)
Josie - Teacher Math Tennis (0)
Kanisha - Property Management (0)
Krista - Accountant (1)
Lisa - Performer (0)
Stacey - Sales Marketing (0)
Stephanie - Jeweler (1)
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2008-05-09 09:05
Farmer wants a wife Google Doc NEW!
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2008-05-09 08:04
farmer wants a wife intro

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2008-05-09 07:58
Farmer wants a wife yourmini
Farmer wants a wife yourmini
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2008-05-02 10:55
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Order Iron Man here for$59.00 FAST SHIPPING. Check out Super Genius Collectibles Check out the Iron Man Mini Chekc out the Iron Man Blog
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2008-05-02 09:11
Farmers Divorse rate
Farmers Divorse rate Women in city areas are more likely to be separated or divorced than their country counterparts, research has found. University of Adelaide geography professor Graeme Hugo said 2006 census figures showed there was a higher proportion of divorced or separated women than...
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2008-03-07 16:43
Farmer Wants a wife fanclub Website launched
Farmer Wants a wife fanclub Website launched Our new website has been launched today. Tell your friends about life on the farm and how it benefits them. Were hoping to build a our own little community down on the web farm. Check out our farmers market.
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